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We want to thank all who donated quilts this year, and also thank you to all who donated money for food.  We were able to purchase and hand out a lot of food thanks to your generosity!  Clint took his Dad this year and just got back a few days ago.  Clint said it was very cold, and heartbreaking to see so many living out on the streets.  Most of the people you see in this video are orphans who have grown up to have kids of their own.  Some orphans are lucky enough to be taken care of until their early teens, but at that time they're unfortunately released to the streets where they have to make it for themselves.  These are the types of people we met on this trip, street orphans who have grown up and started lives of their own.

We did film all the quilts being handed out, but unfortunately it was very dark due to poor living conditions, so much of our video was unusable.  We want to focus our next trip on purchasing and handing out more food to more people, and having extra food to leave with our contact in Romania to hand out long after we leave.  If you'd like to donate to our charity, please visit our charity page here.  100% of your donations go towards this cause.  

Here's the video from January 2013 -

February 05, 2013 by Judi
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