Judi's quilting journey started in 2002 when she made her first baby quilt using a simple strip piece method, she loved piecing so much that she made of 15 variations of the same pattern.  After that, she became hooked to the quilting process.

In 2004, Judi's mom, Gayla and her decided to start a longarm business and bought an A1 Elite Longarm. There were no dealers in their area at the time, so they had to set up the machine and learn how to use it without any help.  This provided Judi the opportunity to learn "free-motion" quilting because she had no idea how to quilt a pantograph.

In 2008, after a few years of peddling Judi's patterns to quilt shops and learning how to quilt - Judi and her husband Clint decided to take her hobby and make it their full time business.  The result of that is www.greenfairyquilts.com. 

Judi always wanted to be considered a quilt pattern designer, but her talent in longarm quilting grew into her own very unique design style. She has published two books with AQS publishing, Quilting Wide Open Spaces, 2013 and Secondary Quilting Designs with Judi Madsen, 2016 which include her own quilt designs coupled with her quilting designs.  These books provide the best of both worlds - piecing and quilting. Her design style and love of quilting has provided the opportunity to teach students all of the world in Australia, Canada, Norway and in the USA.  She was named Teacher of the Year in 2016 at MQX, New Hampshire.  A wonderful honor, since the students pick the winner.

Judi has continued to refine her quilting style and loves sharing quilting with others.  She has 2 online quilting classes with iquilt.com and will continue to offer new classes. Keep up with her schedule and quilting through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The goal of this online shop is to provide you wonderful quilt designs and all of the products that Judi uses in her own quilting.  

Judi is now a fabric designer with Riley Blake Designs. Her first line, Curated Blooms, comes out in November 2024.