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Every now and again it is fun to let you know what has happened with the quilts I have quilted.  This was Thelma's quilt and I showed off my quilting here.  Thelma let me know that this quilt received a 3rd place ribbon in the large wall hanging category in the Road to California show.  It is so exciting to have my quilting showcased in a quilt show and even better when it receives a ribbon.  So, congrats to Thelma! I was so thrilled to be a part of this quilt.
And, do your remember Dear Jane?  I remember her!  I think this quilt has made its rounds around the internet.  I am still getting questions about this quilt.  So, here's the latest news and probably the most exciting news I have ever received about a quilt - I'll just let you read the email I received:

Dear Judi,

We are having a 150th birthday Celebration of Jane Stickle's Quilt this
summer at Vermont Quilt Festival. You quilted about the most beautiful Jane I've ever seen,
and I'd love to include it in the exhibit. However, I have no way to get in touch with the maker.
Would you please send me her contact info?

I'd be ever so gratelful!

Thank you!
Brenda Papadakis
Author, Dear Jane

This was such a wonderful email and I feel honored to be a part of the this quilt.  I would like to help Brenda exhibit this quilt, but I can not for the life of me remember Gwen's contact information (it has been 2 years since I quilt this).  So, here's a small plea to Gwen - I hope you read this - please send me your contact info so I can get you in touch with Brenda and let's get your amazing quilt to the 150th birthday Celebration of Jane Stickle's Quilt! Such a huge honor! I am so excited about this!  Gwen, you can email me at judi(at)greenfairyquilts(dot)com - or if any of you know Gwen, tell her to contact me!  Thanks so much!  
February 01, 2013 by Judi
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