Time for some easier quilting!

I have been doing a lot of custom quilts lately, and I love it, but was thrilled when I got a quilt that wanted my basic swirl. I love this allover pattern. Mind you, it's all free hand so it isn't perfect.

This quilt was pieced by a Man! I love it, he did an awesome job.
It's so great when men get into piecing. It is too fun.

So here is my flower swirl. I love this one too, I am sure I have shown this one before, but the colors in the quilt are so fun.

Same quilt, but closeup and the colors don't look the same, but I wanted you to see how great the stitches are that my A-1 long-arm produces. I am a little prejudice because I think it's the best long-arm out there. I am so lucky to have one of my own.

Here's a little tip for you long-arm quilters, I can't claim this tip as my own, but I will share it with you because it is a cheap way to make quilting so much easier.
Take a dowel and put it under your clamp straps along the quilting poles and when you quilt along the edge of your quilts, you won't hit the clamp!

Thank you Jen from "QuiltTopStop" for that amazing tip.

June 10, 2009 by Judi
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