Sneak Peek of things to come........

I have some blocks and strips all waiting to be put together. Could this have something to do with a new pattern and a giveaway? Ummmm maybe, stay tuned.! Oh, it's obvious I am using a jelly roll, I think I know where to get cute jelly rolls at a great price, Green Fairy Quilts! Check them out at our new low price.

I took my little girl to the fabric store today to get a new project, not like I don't have plenty of fabric, and projects right? Well, to spice life up you have to have projects lined up. And these fabrics just spoke to me, they are all Moda, but not from the same line and I can't wait to show you the finished project.
Don't worry ladies, these projects will not detract from your quilts! I got four customer quilts done this week and will get that many done next week, crossing my fingers now :)

I love these fabrics, my little girl noticed these cute lady bugs and told me how much she wanted them, I couldn't resist. So, I am thinking a fun tutorial for a fast project on these, maybe next week? Do you think I am putting too much on myself? Naaa, it keeps me sane, or insane depending on who you ask. (Don't ask Clint! :)

Just for fun, are you a Mom? I never understood why my mom was so bothered when I begged for food off her plate, now I know why. I can't sit down and eat food without the vultures coming to beg, and no matter what food it is, it's always better when Mom wants to sit down to eat.

(I know, the onesie is too big for my little guy, but it's Saturday and I don't care what the kids wear on Saturday.)

Have a great weekend!

Holy cow! I need to just tell you, one of my patterns will be in Quilter's World at some future time, I will fill in the details when the time is closer, I am so excited because it will be my first magazine appearance.

June 13, 2009 by Judi
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