They came, we laughed, we played, they left, I cried!!!!

So, it was Monday and Clint and I went to the mall with the kids, why? Don't go to the mall with 3 little kids, we keep telling ourselves that when they freak out and kick and scream and everyone is looking at us like we are horrible parents, this stage passes right? They aren't always going to scream at the worst times possible? Anyway, I had to get some pants because I have been exercising and my jeans aren't fitting right and I need some for the upcoming trip (this is going to be a long story, I can feel it), while I was in the dressing room I took a look at my hair and started to panic because my roots were about an inch and the regrowth looked horrible. My sister Abby does my hair and she lives in Salt Lake, four hours away and I started panicking because I didn't want to travel with horrible roots. I called Abby on the way home from the Mall to tell her I might have to do something about my hair without her, my Mom answered, and I had my conversation to Abby through her and Abby told me not to do anything drastic (like try and do something myself). So I calmed down and we went home, got the kids to bed for their naps (thank heavens) and I started to quilt. I was quilting for about an hour and got a call from Abby, she said "Hey, I don't have anything tomorrow, I could come down and do your hair," and I said "Wow, would your husband be alright with that, it's four hours and holy cow, you would do that for me?"
Well, as I was having this conversations with Abby, she and my Mom walked into my bedroom. What a surprise! I couldn't believe it, I told my friend Janae Monday morning that I was going to try and get my Mom to come down to visit and little did I know she would show up that day. It was Abby's idea and what a wonderful sister she is, she's newlywed and she left her husband for two whole days to come down and see Clint and me and the kids. That's incredible.

So, we had a wonderful time, we got pedicures and Abby did my hair. We went shopping and went out to dinner twice. It was a wonderful time and I am so glad they came. They left about 2 hours ago and I am still crying, but I am so glad I got to have that time with them. I didn't get any quilting done while they were here, but it was a much needed break. My mom has also put together 12 quilts for me for the Romania trip. She is one amazing woman and I love her so much. Abby was great because she put up with us at the thread shop and quilt store, (she's a hair dresser and has never picked up a needle and thread, so I am sure it was torture) but I love her too!
I tried to get a good picture, but what can you do when you are holding the camera, taking a picture through the mirror.

Here's my hair, it's a little red and blonde and brown, in the sunshine some of it looks a little pink. I love it, I so totally would have bright pink hair, but I wouldn't like it if Lili tried that when she gets older, so trying to do the example thing here.

August 26, 2009 by Judi
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