The winner is..........

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway and for the sweet comments and for all of you that made me laugh. I could not help but laugh the most at the comment below:

"How about some sultry strippin-time?"

This comment just hit me really funny at the time I read it and I couldn't stop laughing because when I was first thinking of a title for my first jelly roll quilt pattern I went back and forth with a few titles and at first thought that people may not like "Strippin' Time" and think I was being a little inappropriate. But I gave in and realized that every quilter knows "stripping" really means piecing strips and so I went for it. Thankfully everyone has seemed to like my pattern and the title (even moda, I am still on a high :) and it is my best selling pattern so far.

So, with out further delay the winner of a "Sultry HoneyBun" & my "Strippin' Time" pattern is:

Ruth B

the author of the funny comment. Congratulations Ruth, be sure to email me your address at and I will send your prizes out right away. Oh, if you want a different combination of pattern and honey bun, just let me know.

Have a great evening, I am so excited because tonight I will be going on a date with Clint to finally see Harry Potter! It's about time, I feel like I am the only one who hasn't seen the show.

August 04, 2009 by Judi
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