Excitement, Amazement, Yahooooo!!!!

Holy Cow! I am so excited, as you can see in my face (I was going to do my crazy grin, but I just don't think anyone but family is ready for that) anyway, we had an awesome day here in the Green Fairy Quilts household. My darling husband has worked so hard to get our patterns into one particular company, a company that I completely love and get all my fabric from. Can you guess it? Well, today Moda Fabrics a.k.a United Notions has picked up some of our patterns! Hooray! I am still in the super excited mode, I have been running around and jumping around the house like a super crazy excited person, I even mopped the floor, now that's excitement!
It may not be a huge deal to some of you, but it has been one of my goals since Clint and I started working full time together, so it's like the dream is coming true! I couldn't help but share the news with all of you! Oh, and if that wasn't enough excitement for one day I just found out that one of my new designs, (still on the drawing board) will be featured in a magazine in the Spring of 2010! More details will follow as soon as I can tell you everything!
What a day! Life is good.

I wanted to share my excitement with you all by doing a little giveaway. To celebrate my patterns getting into Moda I am going to give a lucky winner one pattern and one Honeybun of their choice from my website.

All you have to do is look on my website and tell me which pattern and which honeybun you would want if you win. Bonus points if you make laugh!

Good luck, you have until Monday night, I will post the winner on Tuesday.

July 31, 2009 by Judi
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