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With all the positive comments that keep me going and the encouragement I get from you readers, I am always thankful to the people who make it interesting and keep it real.  You never know what you are going to get when you do a blog post and my last post was no different.  First off -  Wow!!  THANK YOU to all of the sweet comments you left me.  This blog started out as my business blog and in the beginning, it was boring to say the least.  As I have learned how to blog I have put more of myself into each post, turning this blog into more of a personal blog for me and not just a place to share sales on our pre-cuts or patterns.  I also share my quilting through my blog with a ton of pictures because I want to encourage new and seasoned quilters to improve their talents.

If you read up at the top header of my blog it says: "Green Fairy Quilts - Show and Tell, where it's okay to show off."  I don't want you to think that I am showing off or "patting myself on the back."  The reason I share so many pictures of my quilting is because I would have loved to have that inspiration available to me when I first started quilting.  It really is so hard to just get started quilting and I hope that through my blog I can help you new quilters get started along your own quilting journey.

This blog is my happy place, so party poopers stay away!  Life can be so hard sometimes and yes, I admit - I love it when you comment and tell me that you love my quilting - it makes it all worth it! The truth is I love quilting too, I love to share what I know - not because I think I am better at quilting than anyone else but because I believe that God gives us talents that should be shared.  So, when I say that I love how some of my quilting turned out - just know that I love what I do.  What would be the point of me quilting if I didn't love it, right?

I don't know why I feel like I have to explain myself, but if one person comments on how I am doing something wrong, then I start to think other people may think that too.  But, please don't worry - I am not wasting time worrying about it.  I have had a fabulous week with my family by celebrating my husbands birthday, going to Zion's National Park, and Trick or Treating with the kids.  Quilting is a huge part of my life, but it isn't my life - that being said, I will continue to share what I know with you and that includes lots of pictures of my quilting telling you how I love how something turned out.  No apologies ;-) So, I leave this post with a few pictures from the past week via Instagram - @judiakagreenfairy

 He's 32 and still the love of my life!
 Hiking in Zion's National Park with me is all Clint wanted for his birthday.
 It was the perfect day!
 The red against the cliff walls is just too amazing!
 Magnificent trees!
 Santa Clause and Halloween?  Add in ice cream cones and you have the perfect Trick or Treating night with the kids.
  The still mute, but growing kid.  This baby is almost 2!  I can hardly believe it!

Have a fabulous week!  Life is too short to be so concerned about what you think other people are doing wrong, just worry about yourself and learn to be happy for others and their successes!
November 01, 2012 by Judi
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