Bonnie's Quilt all finished!!

First off, quilt stats. I took 29.5 hours to quilt this, I used 2 layers of Hobbs 80/20 batting (for detail to pop) and I used a gold Magnifico thread and a cream Glide thread. I have to say that I love both of the threads I used, this was the first time I tried out Magnifico and I was thoroughly happy with this thread.

Bonnie pieced this special quilt and she did a beautiful job, I love how straight the quilt was.  It is so much easier to work with a straight quilt.  The colors are perfect for this beautiful fall season.  Here is what the pattern is called and a little more info on the quilt in Bonnie's own words:

"The quilt is from the book Log Cabin Quartet, by Trudie Hughes. The pattern is called Shadow of the Bear. This quilt was challenging because of the small triangles. The pieced border re-uses the smaller paw that is in the bear paw blocks. The half-square triangles finishes at 1 inch. The log cabin blocks are off center and they create curves and movement in the quilt."

This first thing that came to mind as I was deciding how to quilt this particular quilt was the straight lines in the cream fabrics.  I felt like these lines would help to focus the center of the quilt.  I love how they turned out.

 I couldn't decide which pictures to leave out, so I will just put them all in here.  I love, love how this came together.
I decided on fun oval shapes in the corners instead of the continuous lines I used for the rest of the quilt. I had a lot of fun quilting this "first time" stitch for me.

To soften the quilt I used my free motion swirl feathers in the darker log cabin fabric strips. I loved using the gold thread on these colors, I think gold is my favorite go to color for a lot of quilts.

For those of you that are new to my blog, I free motion quilt on my A-1 long arm quilting machine.

I love this picture! Half inch quilted sections always take a long time, but the finished result is always worth it!
These straight lines ended up being about 3/4 inch apart, it worked great using the seams in the blocks as guides for my lines. I marked the lines before I quilted and used my straight edge ruler to get the straight lines just right.

The free motion feather swirls were continued in the borders.

A super simple stitch for the inside of the bear paws.

The square effect with the straight lines, I love it!

The free motion feather motif in the triangles are so fun! The original plan was to continue the straight lines through these triangles, but I decided to go with the feather motif to balance the quilting designs.
I really hope this post isn't picture overload, but it has been while since I have shared a quilting project and I just cannot get enough of this quilt.
And the back...

Thank you Bonnie for using a plain and simple quilt backing, makes it so much more fun to see the quilting.

Love ;-)

Love the corners of the quilt more....

The goal has always been and will always be that the back of the quilt looks as good as the front. I sure hope I have accomplished that with this quilt.

Thanks for sticking it out through the end of these pictures. It feels so great to get this quilt finished! On to the next one!
October 25, 2012 by Judi
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