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I don't profess to be an expert on thread, but since my last post I figured I better answer a few more questions. So, here's kind of a review of the thread that I have tried and liked. This first example is an example of quilting done with Kimono Silk thread by Superior Threads.


As you can see in this detailed quilting picture the Kimono Silk performed perfectly.  The thread was a little more on the expensive side, but was so worth it.  This customer didn't want the quilting thread to take away from the quilt and it didn't.  The thread quilts up so nicely and is almost invisible because of how thin the thread is.  I was nervous to try this thread out because I hadn't used it before, but I was pleasantly surprise at how strong the thread is.  I didn't have one break or shread in the thread for this whole quilt.  I used this thread in the top and in the bobbin.  What I loved most about this thread was that I didn't have to wind as many bobbins.  The thread is so thin that my bobbins held a ton of thread on it and I only had to change the bobbin a few times.  So, Kimono Silk is amazing for your "show quilts" or your quilt that have a ton of detail.

The next thread I am going to tell you about is Highlights by Superior Threads.  The above pictures the dragonfly quilt I did for a customer using Highlights.  I have to tell you that I love Highlights, when the cone is good.  I have done enough quilts with this thread that for the most part it is amazing.  I have had a few "bad batches" of this thread because I have had a couple quilts where I kept racking my brain  trying to figure out why my thread shreads, or breaks every 3 inches of quilting.  It would break so much that I was ready to pull my hair out, or cut up the quilt - whichever came first. When I use this thread I quilt on a practice piece of fabric to the side of my quilt and make sure the cone is good before I use it.  Once I know it is good, then I have no problem with the thread.  It has a beautiful sheen to it and I think it is perfect for most quilts.  I have used this as the bobbin thread and have had only a little slipping.  If I don't want slipping of the bobbin thread I use So Fine in the bobbin. It really just depends on what you want the back of your quilt to look when it comes to the bobbin.


Because of the few issues I had with Highlights, I wanted to try out Glide thread. I was pleasantly surprised that this thread was amazing and goes through my machine like butter. I don't have problems with it, just occasional slipping. It has a nice shine to it and it works for a lot of quilts.  If you want to use this thread as the bobbin, that is fine (I do), but plan on changing your bobbin a lot of times because this is a thicker thread.  I have used this thread on a lot of my recent quilts because I like the shine and strenghth of the thread.


So Fine - this thread is my friend. I love it. I have never had a problem with it because it really is an amazing thread. I have only used the So Fine #50, so I can't tell you about the others. This is my go to thread for most quilts and it has never dissappointed me. I use this thread for top and bobbin and a lot of times I use this as the bobbin thread for my shiny or metallic threads. 

Okay, so when I post things like this I end up just getting more questions and I am trying to do my best to answer your questions with these posts because in my reality (aka crazy life) I just can't write everyone back.  So I hope this post helps. Just a couple more things, I always use the same color of thread on the top and bottom of the quilt.  I match the thread to the top and that's the color that is going in the bobbin.  I don't budge there.  I don't think about thread weight, or poly thread versus cotton, I use the thread I think will be the nicest on the quilt.  I don't like variegated, I have tried to like it, but I just don't.  But, that doesn't mean that I don't like it on others quilts.  It really comes down to personal preference and tension.  I suggest using a TOWA bobbin gauge to know your tension as you quilt, this little device has saved my life! 

I am going to be trying out Magnifico thread very soon and I will let you know what I think about it. I am excited to give it a try.  That's about it, except we have a whole ton of new lines in the shop, so go check it out!  We even have Marmalade, a personal favorite of mine! 
September 28, 2012 by Judi
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