I can't believe it's October.

 These two little handles pretty much sum up my quilting in September.  Clint told me not to plan on getting any quilting done in September and he was right.  

  We took a family trip and discovered that this little monkey is super talented...he's excellent at sucking on his big toe.

 These two are super strong...

 Daddy holding the boys hands is priceless...

 Me taking my sister on Tower of Terror was a blast, especially since this was her first time at Disneyland, ever...

 Dragging a stubborn, almost two year old boy can be exciting - or darn right frustrating. 

  Burying kids in the sand - awesome!

 This kid telling me he wants to go on Thunder Mountain with me, too cute...

Getting my Dole Whip Float is a dream come true, especially because it was so hot and it seemed like everyone was there - I even saw this girl  :-) 

 I realized that inspiration for quilting can be found anywhere. 

 Awesome ceiling tiles. 

 And, finally home to get a quilt on the racks.  The plan was to start quilting, but then this happened...

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Catching up with orders after we're gone can be crazy.

So, it's busy around here and I promise I will get some projects going, believe me, I have some serious quilting envy right now and I just want to quilt! 
October 05, 2012 by Judi
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