Thanks to all the words of encouragement from my last post.  It gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get quilting on this thing.  I like it so far, but this is just a tiny part of the quilt and I have lots more quilting to go.

My First Swoon Block

I decided that I have to keep my sanity in tack so I am working on a few projects here and there.  This block is Camille's Swoon - I am sure you already know that, since I think everyone is making this quilt because it is so darn cute!  I want to make two quilts for two of my boys who share a room, and it will be so fun to have a Swoon quilt on each of their beds.  I am using a Reunion fat quarter bundle, so every block is going to be different.  One block down, eleven to go.  This block is huge, so I only need six blocks per quilt for their twin size beds.  


And since there are a whole ton of half square triangles left over from the Swoon block, I am making a third quilt as I go along.  I have to admit that in the past I have just chucked these darn scraps because the reality is, I will never get to making a scrap quilt.  But, I have made a little rule for myself on this quilt - I can't make another Swoon block until I have finished my HST pinwheel block.  (Yes, you can make a 9 patch pinwheel block using just the scraps from 1 Swoon block).  I look forward to making these quilts, I will fit them in when I can because I realize that to keep my sanity I have to be doing lots of projects all the time.  :-)

***UPDATE*** Okay, I feel like a dork because I said you will have a lot of HST's leftover from the block, but you won't have as many as me when you follow Camille's pattern, which you should do! But, I am always trying to find ways to make it so there are less seams in my quilts so that when it comes to quilting it will look better for my quilting designs.  Because of this and me not following directions I did have more waste when it came to the HST's and was able to make a 9 patch pinwheel block.  Sorry for the confusion. 

Okay, couple of things.  Go check out Sherri's blog, she is doing a giveaway for us. Also, we have a lot of Riley Blake Fat Quarter Bundles added to our Riley Blake Designs page - be sure to check it out here.  

April 05, 2012 by Judi
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