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Quilted Bag - nothing to do with the post, but just a nice picture to break up the ugly one below! :)


I always feel guilty when I haven't posted for a while - it's been a week and I feel like I owe an apology to you readers, so sorry!  I have had a ton going on, that's for sure.  From helping Clint catch up with all the orders, to dealing with taxes and renewing my license, add in kindergarten shots plus kids and you can count that as a crazy week for me.  It isn't hard for me to get these things done, but the projects and have to's that are mulling around in my head and not getting them done are what bother me.  

So, one day last week Clint had me do a little exercise - that's the picture above - I was supposed to make three columns and write out 1-10, a-j, and I - X, but writing one letter/number in each column like this: 1-a-I, 2-b-II, then to the end.  He timed me - I did horrible, it took me 112 seconds to write out something that should come easy.  Then, he had me do the exercise again but completing each column going from 1-10, a-j, etc..... It took me 33 seconds. So, moral of the story - stick to one project and get it done, then move on to the next project.  Apparently it's a lot easier said than done.  I can't just stick to one project because one project means 40 hours of quilting without any relief from the detailed crazy quilting.  Seriously - I have to fit other projects in, so I do, but then my brain is always in hyper drive and then I go crazy.  It's funny how I think I figure things out and improve my use of time, but it always comes back to a disorganized brain and results in a "I don't want to face it" attitude.  This results in a weekend of finishing book 2 and 3 of the Hunger Games - I cried like a baby when I finished the books.  I was so consumed in the story because it took my mind off the have to's that I realized nothing (quilting related) was going to get done until I finished the story. 

I am happy to say that tonight I have worked a little on a project that I will share soon, and I have my next quilt on the racks - I just need to get moving on it. Sometimes I just need a little kick in the pants to get me motivated! 
April 02, 2012 by Judi
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