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My Studio

You know when you just need a change to help with the motivation? Well, I needed this little change in my studio to get me excited about finishing more quilts. Clint has been amazing - he moved all the furniture and put up new curtains for me! I love, love how it turned out. You can see what my studio looked like before we moved everything here.

My Studio

Okay - the quilting machine fits exactly across the room and makes some dead space in the bay window area, but that is fine with me. I will have to crawl under the machine to put quilts on and take off, but I am happy about being able to look outside while I am quilting. We removed the bottom bar that carries the batting so it will be easier to get in and out. Another plus is that I will be forced to move more and that should help with the added pounds - he he he!

My Studio

I also love that the room feels more open - there is a bigger space in the middle of the room and that will be great when I am laying quilts out.

My Studio

New feature - we added the quilt racks - made by my dad - I thought it would be fun to have all my quilted bags hanging there when I am not using them. They are usually everywhere around the house, but now I have a place for them and I quite like it.
The only thing missing in this picture is my sewing machine - it's at my mom's waiting for me to go to a little cabin sewing retreat next week. I can't wait! It's going to be fun - for me. Clint's stuck here with four kids - mwahahehehahahaha!

Best of Show?  Can you believe it?

And - I got these beauties in the mail today - there is nothing like a little mail to boost your confidence and make you feel better! Some days are harder for me - like yesterday - so it was fun to get these ribbons to remind me that even though quilting can be crazy, it is all worth it. This is my first "Best of Show." I still can't believe it - I got it for machine quilting the Dragonfly Quilt - there were over 700 quilts in the show. So, I am a little happy right now.

By the way - if you need fabric, we have a store wide 30% off sale going on through the weekend! Have a great weekend everyone!

November 04, 2011 by Judi
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