Sparkle Tree Skirt

Holy Cow!  I love this.  I have been sharing a few sneaks of this quilt on Instagram (@judiakagreenfairy) for the past week and a half, but I'm so happy to share the whole quilt top with you now. This tree skirt is called Sparkle Tree Skirt designed by the talented Sarah Vedeler.
Laura pieced and embroidered the top, she did a beautiful job.  Laura is the owner of The Quilt Crossing in Boise, ID - so be sure to visit her if you are in the area, tell her I sent you!  This tree skirt will be a class during summer 2014, so contact Laura for more info if you would like to be a part of this awesome top.  The original tree skirt is split and has a hole in the center for the tree, but Laura will be using this for her circular table.  I am sure it will be just gorgeous.  In all reality, I wish it were mine ;-)

So yes, this tree skirt is made with dupioni silk - I love this stuff, it quilted up beautifully. I used Kimono Silk thread by Superior threads to quilt it up.  Have I told you I love that thread?  Well, I do!  It's amazing.
So the goal for the circular center of the quilt was to have it move, the diagonal lines are all the same angle, but don't ask me what the degree is because I basically drew one out, then copied it to the rest of the tree blocks.

I think the purple and turquoise are so beautiful together.  Sarah's appliques are incredible and just perfect.



I wanted to have a design between each small edge block, the square/diamond motif is what I came up with.  I think it looks great.

The center circle is fun.  Just straight lines with a pie shape piece in between.  The texture is just awesome.

This quarter feather swirl is so fun to quilt up.  I think I should probably do a tutorial on that one, what do you think?

I had four background fillers for the tree skirt.  It worked out so there was an even amount of each. 

This is the first one.

Second one.

Third one.

Fourth one.

I like how I quilted the dividing fabrics between the large trees.  So fun.

The back!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I need to get my own silk to make something for me.


Well, this is my last finish for 2013.  I hope to get a lot more finished for 2014 and I can not wait to share it all with you.
December 30, 2013 by Judi
Tags: Quilting
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