More than just another quilt....

So my mom gave me the best surprise for Christmas.  This is a quilt top that she made a while ago and when I saw it I went nuts!  I told her how much I loved it and wanted it, but she quickly told me the quilt was meant for one of my nieces.  I was cool with that, but every time I saw the quilt top at her house I kept telling her how much I wanted it. 

We were not together for Christmas, but because of the amazing technology of FaceTime, we were able to share our Christmas gift exchange. My mom wrapped this finished quilt into another throw quilt she bought for Clint and me, so I still had no clue she finished it for me.  She convinced me to open the throw quilt and I unwrapped it and had the best surprise ever!  I had no idea she had finished the quilt, let alone that it was for me - oh my mom is so thoughtful.  She has always told me that she doesn't love making things for me because she doesn't want me to compare her stuff to mine, but I would never do that.  I am so grateful to her for this amazing gift.  I think we all know what it means to make a quilt, have it be apart of you and just pray that the person we gift the quilt to will appreciate what it is really worth.  I will treasure this quilt forever. Thanks Mom!

She even inscribed it to me. 

She did an amazing job on the quilting, I am so proud of her!

Isn't the texture just awesome?  Oh, and in case you are wondering, this quilt is made from her pattern that was featured in a magazine back in 2012.
The best part of the quilt, besides the awesome texture and beautiful fabrics is that it has minky on the back.  I love cuddling with a quilt and watching movies at night and this is just what I plan to do with this quilt.

Isn't this just beautiful?  I love it!

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December 26, 2013 by Judi
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