Simple Diamond sash quilting tutorial...

diamond quilting tutorial

Okay - this may be something you all know how to do - but I figured I would share how I have been doing my diamond sash quilting. I want your feedback at the end of the post - are you okay with pictures, or would you rather have video? Was this something you wanted to know? Be honest - I hope I can handle it...............


This sash is 2 x 13 inches. I want to get a diamond shape, so I draw a line at every 1 inch increment - these lines are just guidelines. I don't draw the diamond shape because it isn't necessary and that would be more work.


Start quilting at the top left side, going down to the bottom right line of the first section. Continue quilting up and down the sections to create up and down V's. Notice my straight edge ruler is 1/4 inch away from the line at the top of the next point - this will ensure that my lines will be accurate. ***Whenever you are working with straight lines on your quilting machine you need your flat extended base attached so that you can get a good grip on the ruler and a flat edge to work with.

If you can see my thumb - it has a little white on the tip because I press pretty hard. I don't want the ruler to move at all.


Again - notice the placement of the ruler - 1/4 inch away from the ending point.


The first section is done - I quilted it left to right. The reason I don't go back right to left is because I am quilting straight lines and my machine doesn't like to go right to left for a long run - the thread shreds if I try. So, start back at the beginning and quilt the opposite sides of the lines to create and X in each section.


Leave your needle down and stay put - you can quilt right to left for the fill in loops.
The reason your machine can do right to left at this point is because you will be moving the machine up, down and over. The bobbin can keep up with that!


Fill in the triangles you made with loops - this will give dimension to your diamonds. So - three loops, small-big-small. Continue right to left, when you get to the end of the last triangle continue onto the other side. I travel along the straight edge of the sash to get to the other side.

So - there you have it - not too bad. What do you think - did you already know this and I just wasted a post - or was this helpful?

December 06, 2011 by Judi
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