I think I am in love............

I think I am in love

I do have a ton of fabric in my house - let's just say my stash is huge, but then I would be lying because Clint likes to sell everything we have. Every now and again a line comes out that I have to have! So, a lot of begging, and later Clint finally agreed that this lovely bundle is all mine!

Reunion by Sweetwater

It's a must have in my book. I plan on making my boy's quilts out of this fabric line - wish me luck on getting that done at some point. Hehe!

Okay - here are some answers from my last post - I would like to write everyone back individually, but it will be best for me to just answer here.

Q: Where did you get your ruler?

I got it from my long arm dealer --A-1
I am going to look into getting some for our site - stay tuned!

Q: Do you stitch in the ditch before you quilt your sash?

I stitch in the ditch every seam- I believe quilts look better if you do. Also, stitching in the ditch allows me to do a lot of "traveling" with my thread. So the answer is yes, I do stitch in the ditch before I do the sash decorative quilting.

Q: Do you spritz or spray water to get your purple marker out?
Do you wait until the whole quilt is done?

I use the disappearing purple marker, but I am a little impatient and I want to see the results of the quilting right away. So, I spray water right after I am done working on a block and wipe the excess water with left over batting pieces.

Q: When do you mark your quilt?

I mark the quilt as I go - I don't mark anything before the quilt is on the racks and ready to go.

I hope that covers the questions asked that I didn't get a chance to answer. Oh, one more thing - I used 2 layers of Hobbs 80/20 batting on Thelma's Civil War quilt.

That should about cover it. Phew!

Okay - enough with the questions and answers - check out these three new lines in our shop!

Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott of Moda.

Felicity by Sentimental Studios for Moda.

Half Moon Modern by Moda.

December 08, 2011 by Judi
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