On the racks.....

I have to apologize for the picture - my camera is missing!! It was either swiped or I just completely lost it while on vacation last week, so I used my not so cool camera on my phone to take this picture. Anyway, my first art quilt is on the racks - I have the thread picked out and have the permission to have fun with it. I am a little intimidated since this is my first time quilting an art quilt - not to mention it is a very special quilt for the client - but, come Monday when I start this baby I am sure I will know what I am doing - let's hope I do! :-)

In the meantime - I have to check the web for a new camera, figure out how to use my new smart phone and pray I will get some sleep tonight because the kiddos are sick - poor things! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - what's left of it anyway.

One more thing - all our charm packs are on sale for $6.95 until Monday night - check it out here!
February 18, 2012 by Judi
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