My tree is ready, but I am not...............

I love my Christmas tree, about six years ago my sister Jen took me to Taiwan Imports and we got everything I needed for my Christmas tree, she decorated it to perfection. Each year I add a couple more things to it and try to make it look good compared to the original one Jen designed. I had to let go of some of my control and let the kids decorate with me, Lili really enjoyed it and she helped me put everything on. We had a great time, now we are just spending all day telling the boys not to touch the tree, (how many more days til Christmas again??)

So, the tree is up, I haven't even thought about what to get Clint yet, the kids, well, we will come up with something I am sure. Did I ever tell you that I hate shopping? Well, I hate shopping for anything other than fabric. Thankfully Clint does all the grocery shopping, anyway, point is I wait until the last week to finish shopping for Christmas and each year I plan on being better and being finished before the week of Christmas. But, once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator right?
Oh, and I have to apologize for the valance hanging above my window (it's horrible). Clint took some would be bags from years ago and pinned them to a 2 x 2 and stuck them above the window to motivate me to make something for the window. That's been months now, and who has time to do their own projects? I wish I did.
November 30, 2009 by Judi
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