Drawing a blank.....

Life's good and crazy, don't have much to post right now. The boys are doing better, scars are going to be permanent, but at least it wasn't any worse that it was. We got the ER bill for Micah and I figure I am in the wrong profession because at $140.00 per stitch I would be sitting real pretty if I charged that much for my "stitching." But then again, I am quite sure no one would want to pay $2100.00 per 15 stitch run, that would be one pricey quilt.
I have been working on a super cool quilt done by Emily called Muertos, I will finish sometime tomorrow and will have pictures soon. I also have two new patterns in the works, can't wait to show you them. Have a great weekend everyone!
December 03, 2009 by Judi
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