My samples are now bedspreads!

I have had a lot of my samples sitting in my closet waiting for the next show and I am trying hard not get them dirty. So, when I looked at my samples and realized I have enough new stuff, I let the kids pick out the quilts they wanted for their beds. What good are quilts if they are never used, right? Lili has had my "Country Garden" on her bed for a while, but she was so excited when she was able to pick out a new one. She chose "Carrots and Peas." I had to clear out a lot of her stuffed animals to just show the quilt, but she loves her Mickey and Minnie and Raggedy Ann and Andy best, so I left them in the shot.

Grandma made Raggedy Ann and Andy for Lili, she just loves these. My mom (totally incredible) has made a set of these dolls for all of her granddaughters, all 15 of them, not to mention making Andy for her grandsons, 7 of them. She amazes me, and the kids are anxiously awaiting their Christmas jammies they get to open on Christmas Eve!

Micah chose "Sail Away" for his bed, he was so excited as we made the bed together. It's really fun to have my kids be excited about the quilts I have made. I hope they truly appreciate the love that has gone into making each quilt.

Here's Micah, I figured you might want to see his scar.
December 18, 2009 by Judi
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