My Dad

 Last week I had the chance to go up to Salt Lake to spend time with my parents and I had the best time. This picture of them was taken by me last week and this is how I want to remember them as they get older.  I want my kids to know them and be as proud of them as I am.  I love them so much and I can never thank them enough for the love they have given me.  My dad has always been a hardworking and caring provider for my mom and all 11 of us kids.  I am sure it wasn't always easy, but he would say it was all worth it.  

One of the things that got my dad through 40 years of being a carpenter was being able to play the piano.  I remember him playing every morning before he left for work and every night before bed.  Growing up I didn't always appreciate the piano playing when I was desperate for sleep, but as I have gotten older the sound of his music brings me right back home and it's those memories that I will always cherish.

My dad is a self taught piano player and composer.  His music is beautiful and peaceful and we have pushed him to get his music published.  I wish that he would have been able to do this sooner and pursue his music goals before now, but I am so proud that he has finally been able to share his music now by publishing with CDBaby.  I will always be able to listen to his music and that gives me comfort knowing that his music is now timeless.  

I know I am a little early, but I wanted to tell my dad Happy Father's Day! I am so blessed to be your daughter and I love you so much!  

Also, take a moment to listen to my daddy's music, you might just like it.  You can find it on iTunes as well.  

June 14, 2014 by Judi
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