ah-ha moment.....

So, I am kind of embarrassed to even mention this.  But, maybe some of you out there ran into the same trouble as me.  If you look at the picture above you can see a gap between the bottom of the thread cone and the thread holder plate.  The thread cone is sitting nicely on top of the thread holder - the only problem with this scenario is that the thread slips down and gets caught underneath as I quilt.  It is totally frustrating to be quilting and have to stop because the thread gets caught, creating terrible tension problems.  Not to mention a million times walking to the other side of the machine and around the table to fix it.  

I was so frustrated when this was happening to me.  I first tried turning off my ceiling fans to help so the thread isn't moving - that helped a little, but then with a stroke of luck I figured out the problem..... 
PUSH THE CONE DOWN Dummy!!  Not you - me.  Seriously.  So simple, yet so hard at the same time. Now, in my defense, I can only do this because the hole in the Fil-Tec Glide thread is large enough to fit over the top and bottom of the thread holder.  I just didn't realize it because I have used So Fine for a lot of my projects and the hole is not big enough to fit over the whole thread holder, it just sits nicely on top. 

PS - I am using Glide in the top and So Fine for the bobbin on my current quilt.  I love both threads ;-) 

Okay, so now that I completely embarrassed myself I have to tell you about a different scenario that was a huge blessing in disguise.  I was working on a quilt yesterday and I kept thinking that I need to oil and re-distribute the grease on my gears for my machine. When I went to grease the gears, out came the above screw attached to my grease ridden finger.  I panicked because I hadn't seen this before - I gave a quick call to my dealer Jen and she told me how to put it back in the right spot.  

So, long story short - it could have been a terrible problem if I continued to quilt without this screw in place. Especially with a customer quilt on.  Let's just say I am just so grateful to have caught this in time.  Seriously. So grateful.

Now there are new things happening around here. We bought new shelves to hold our newly added fabric yardage.  Clint and I are slowly expanding to carry more yardage and notions on our website, so be sure to check that out here.  

I am also forcing my home improvement projects on everyone I love.  Clint is thrilled to be helping with my gallery wall. He's a good poser too. ;-)

My sister Amy is here helping me with my studio.  See the green?  I am beyond excited. I will be sure to share with you the finished project as soon as I am done.  I don't think I have even shown you my whole room and we have been here for over six months now.  Wow, time flies. 

June 10, 2014 by Judi
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