Moda label quilt.....

Sometimes you just need to throw some fabric together and make a super cute and easy quilt. This quilt is an autograph quilt made out of Julie Comstock's new line coming out in September called Odds and Ends.  I love this idea for a quilt because this will be for a wedding and the guests will write their well wishes for the couple on the empty spaces in the quilt.  Lissa asked me to quilt this up, and it took almost 15 hours to quilt up.

It may seem like the quilting is simple - it is, but that does not mean it did not take a long time to do. My straight ruler was my best friend and I have to say that straight stitching over and over can get a little redundant. I had to keep telling myself "keep it simple, stupid" because it is a wedding quilt and people are signing it. That doesn't mean it wasn't difficult to try and add in more detail. :-)


Isn't this a cute fabric line? I really like it! Sometimes just showcasing the fabric is the best way to quilt up a quilt.


So, green fabric for the back, loving it! I also love how the texture in this quilt just shines. So, sometimes simple and fun quilting works - I don't always have to quilt the heck out of everything right?

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June 22, 2012 by Judi
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