A little distracted.....


So, remember this block? I have been wanting to finish up this quilt top for a while, but I have been forcing myself to get some quilting done instead. Well, I let myself get some piecing done today. It was so much fun.

It never fails that the wind is blowing when I want to take a few pictures of my quilts outside. I am sure the neighbors heard me complaining, well ranting and raving about the darn wind. I swear, it is always windy when I want to take some quick, fast pictures! Oh, well....I did manage to finally get a couple pictures.


The colors in this quilt are so fun, I am really happy with the brightness of the quilt. I really can't wait to quilt it, but that will go in the "sometime, a lot later" pile. My daughter has already claimed the quilt - we shall see about that!


I chose to just put outside borders on this quilt to give it some width. I was going to have just the blocks be the quilt top, but I did not like how skinny and long the quilt was by itself. I may or may not add more to the borders, but I think I like it just how it is. This quilt was seriously so much fun to put together. So, now I have to stop being distracted and get to quilting on the quilt that is on the frames, it is just gorgeous. I will be sure to post some of my progress on that one. 

Okay, for those who are overly anxious for the September and October precuts that are coming out - we have some in stock (a very limited stock) - our Moda Sample Spree is going on right now! Check it out here!!
June 26, 2012 by Judi
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