Home office update!

So, here is our updated office. Clint worked hard putting the desks together. We got the black desk for Clint and the white one for me. They may not match completely, (at all) but we are so happy with our new space. It's in our bedroom as you can tell, the quilting machine is in here too. So, now you know that we don't really have a bedroom, but we make it work. One day we will have a home office, and a grand quilt studio for me. Clint surprised me with a new monitor and the promise of EQ6 soon. I say, what's another $150? I want it now. I love spending money, it's the earning part that isn't as much fun. (So make it easier for me, and go buy something off my website please???!!!!)

Do you like my mouse pad? Actually, Clint has claimed it, but I will get it one day!
June 05, 2009 by Judi
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