Cutest quilt, with a new layer cake!

This is my "Layers of Love" quilt pattern and it is simply cute! I made it with a Boutique layer cake and I loved how it turned out. I am happy to say that we have the Boutique layer cake and jelly roll in the shop, you can find them here! You can throw in a jelly roll into this pattern to make it work for the block frames and the binding, so here's the deal if you want to make the same quilt and buy a boutique jelly roll and layer cake from my shop, then I will throw in my pattern "Layers of Love" for free! Yahoo!

This is just a shot of the whole quilt, it's a fun one to make, that's for sure!

A post wouldn't be fun without some quilting pictures, so here you go! I loved how this quilt turned out. I did some simple custom work, but it played with the quilt perfectly!

Here's a closeup of the center of the quilt!

I really like quilting feathers, they make me happy! :)

Last but not least, the winners for my bag and Jen's bow giveaway are:

For the bag - PandaRea - she said "I love the mediums... They work so well with just about everything!
Pick me pick me!!!"

For the bow set - Kai - she said: Sorry I need to use my son's account name to post here (he will be so excited to find out tomorrow :) but what I love about Jen's bows is she just knows how to put those colors together! I have one of her bows and it is made to last. She is very detail oriented and her bow constructions are well thought out. I must say that her models are pretty darn cute, too. :)

Okay winners, email me your address at so I can get them sent out to you!
January 22, 2010 by Judi
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