Deja vu

I always like putting finished quilts on my bed, it makes me feel like they are mine for a minute, then I give them back. This particular quilt I have done before. It was kind of my "big break" quilt if you know what I mean. It's hard for any long-arm quilter to get started, but it just takes one quilt that the customer likes, then your name starts getting passed around. I quilted another one of this "Buggy Barn" quilt back in March 2009 for Scrap Apple Quilts. They still have it up in their store and it makes me feel good knowing that they liked the quilting enough to hang it. So, when I got this same quilt and Sharon told me to quilt it exactly like the one in the store, it was easy on the creative part because I had already done one. So, Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to quilting this quilt and I put the binding on this morning. It's nice to be finished, moving on to the next project!

I love how the basket is quilted, I tried to make it look like a basket just making lines and following them.

The border is way fun because I kind of mimicked the flowers in the quilt and puffed them out with some stippling. Love it!

So-my advice to people who are starting up their quilting business to just go for it. It takes one quilt to get your name going and pretty soon you will have so many quilts that you have to tell people you are 8-10 weeks out. Crazy, but it's fun!
January 27, 2010 by Judi
Tags: Quilting
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