A Tale of Two Birds and some Mom's Day sentiment....


Yesterday, after getting home from Mom's and Doughnuts at my daughters school, I came home to two excited little boys and a husband who found a sweet little bird.  This little guy wasn't moving much and so Clint and the boys made a little nest for him in a cereal box.  He was a scared little guy and after a while of checking on him - and keeping the boys away from him - I realized he was calling his mama bird.  I could hear both of them calling back to each other.  So, I asked Clint to get the bird out of the box and into view of his Mama.  So, he did - and we backed away.  I made sure the boys didn't go outside and we watched from the window as this little bird hopped around and waited for some help.  The help came - all day long this Mama bird would fly in and give him some food, then she would extend her wings to try and encourage him to fly.  It was amazing to watch.  All day she did this - I kept my kids inside and we just watched as this sweet little bird was being taken care of.  We even had moments with this little bird as it would look up at us, it was seriously the sweetest thing.  It seemed like he was getting a little weaker - I knew this, but I had grown so attached to him.  It was so sad to realize he might not make it. 
Last night for prayers Lili prayed for the little bird. He stuck around for a little while, but Clint and I checked on him later last night since he had never moved from our patio and he had died.  I cried, it was so sad. All day his Mama tried to take care of him, but there wasn't anything she could do.  The reason I was so attached to this bird is because of the love and care of his Mama - and with Mother's Day tomorrow - it was even more special.     

my mom
Thanks Jess for the picture!
   I made the quick comparison to my Mom - she buried her youngest.  She did all she could to keep my brother healthy and strong, but it wasn't to be.  I think of all the things she taught me and how her unwavering faith in God has blessed my life so much.  I can't think of a better example of an incredible mom than my own mom and then I think of all Mom's out there who sacrifice so much for their children.  I think of all the women out there who want to be Mom's, but don't get the opportunity.  I think being a Mom is the biggest blessing and at times the biggest trial.  The heartache and pain from trials that comes with Motherhood can be so hard, but there isn't anything more rewarding than having your little 3 year old come up and whisper in your ear "I wuv you Mom."   

My Family
Photo courtesy of Amber

If I could turn out half as good as my mom, I think I will have made it.  I love you Mom!  

To all you women out there - Happy Mother's Day!  You all make a special difference in the world and I am so glad to know so many of you!  

Take care. 

May 12, 2012 by Judi
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