Your fabric may have been manhandled.....


The best thing about working from home is having the kids participate in the process. Our youngest has always loved to help his daddy put customer orders in the mail bags. Clint is super patient with him as he hands Clint each package, at least the ones he can pick up. Some of the boxes are a little heavy for this little guy. It seriously is so cute, he knows how to help daddy put packages in bags, but still won't talk. Go figure...


So, I am up to my eyeballs in straight lines, 1/4 inch lines on a 45 degree angle to be exact. Add going around applique and well, that's too much fun, or is it? The hardest part about working on a quilt that takes a long time is the fact that I don't blog as much. But, it feels good to be getting closer to a finished quilt. I will be sure to share the whole quilt when I am done.


Yesterday, when I was quilting, I decided to change the needle on my long arm - the thread was getting cut - and you know when you make a change to your already perfectly timed and tensioned machine, the thread tension starts to be obnoxious.  I hate that!  I had to walk away from quilting and do something else because it can get frustrating trying to fix the tension. These jelly roll strips have been sitting on my sewing table for months and since there's nothing more fun than sewing a bunch of strips together, that's what I did. I plan on making something for me, but quilting it first with some seriously cute custom quilting, I can't wait. It's going into my stash of finished projects ready to be quilted.

Okay, one last thing, we have a great deal on our layer cakes (4 for $25 each) going on right now - be sure to stock up! You can read the details here.   

July 13, 2012 by Judi
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