Two finished quilt tops - what to do?

Quilt tops by Judi Madsen 
Okay, part of my balance with quilting is to keep my designing up.  I love to draw out and piece my own quilt patterns.  It is so fun for me.  These two tops have been finished this year (and holy cow they are my favorite designs by far), but the question is - do I make them into individual patterns or save them for another book? My dilemma is that I want to quilt them like I would like to - and push the quilting design limits like I do on other quilts, but if I am just selling an individual pattern, that might be a wasted effort.  I don't know - I have this problem with making my own decisions sometime, so I thought I would ask your opinion.  

Are you more likely to enjoy an individual pattern, or do you like the thought of having several designs in a book? Does it make a difference on how I quilt a quilt top determine whether or not you would buy a quilt design?  Sometimes I think when I quilt the way I do, it may discourage quilters to piece my designs because not everyone quilts as detailed as I do.  Anyway - it's a tough call - my mom says I should save them for a book - that thought just makes me giddy because I want to write another book.  Anyway - what do you think?

Oh, one more thing, I don't get out to visit many quilt shows, but I am thankful when we have one close to home and tomorrow I am heading to the Dixie Center to the Gems of the Desert Quilt Show.  If you are in Saint George, you should stop by and visit our local quilt shops and designers. It should be a lot of fun!
March 28, 2013 by Judi
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