The Best Gift............and a laugh!

So Emily made me this quilt for baby Noah - what a great friend she is. All of her quilts are so fun and a lot of thought goes into each quilt. This is so fun! Thank you Em! Oh - and if she wasn't cool enough she gave me the best Christmas present! I have been telling her forever that one day I was going to buy this quilt back, but she surprised me by giving it to me. Thank you, Thank you! I don't get to keep the quilts I work on and sometimes that's hard for me because I really don't have a lot of my own work in my home - just my one quilt - so thank you again Emily!

So I can say that I am officially back in business! Finally! The part is fixed - the quilt that I have been working on is back on the frames and the rotary hook should be working just fine! Yay! - I hope to catch up soon!

Now for a laugh ----

Clint and I took the kids for a quick trip to Disneyland while the quilting machine wasn't working - gotta love those annual passes. The kids got an early Christmas present and it was great except for the tantrums! Micah and Clint were in the bumper cars and Micah kept driving into the wall and couldn't get away from the wall so Clint would try and help him, but every time Clint touched the steering wheel Micah would start crying (very loudly I might say)! We are totally laughing about it now and will use this as blackmail when he's a teenager!
December 28, 2010 by Judi
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