Thank you Thank you Thank you!

First of all, thank you to everyone who wished me a "Happy Birthday" last week. I had a great day, I worked a booth all day, but it was so fun. I got to meet a lot of fun people, a couple of you bloggers (what a treat) and I got an awesome birthday gift, besides my husband spoiling me.

Here's a shot of my booth, finishing touches on the last day.

So, I had the opportunity to go the awards ceremony and "Joe the Quilter" was the entertainment. He was interesting (funny at times), but I think they need to remember to get to the awards sooner than later, everyone was there to see what they got!

You can see me on the left of the screen walking up to get my 2nd place ribbon for the edge to edge competition. My quilt "Grace" took 2nd place! What a birthday present.

Here I am with my quilt and ribbon, it was great. The only crazy thing is that I spent about 3 hours quilting this quilt and threw this quilt into the competition at the last minute and got a second place. The other quilt I entered was 30 hours of quilting and a lot more work and I didn't get anything. I talked to the lady who got "Best of Show," she spent 500 hours on her quilt, so I won't complain. One day, when I have more time (ya right) I want to be as good and as patient as her.
Well, back to the reality of real life, it was fun to have a break away and enjoy talking to quilters and getting to know other designers. I got to spend the days with my Mom, she was there the whole time and I was so grateful, she kept me laughing.
Thanks to Clint for spoiling me for my birthday and Mother's Day. I hope everyone had a good one. Take care! I am back, hurray!

May 12, 2009 by Judi
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