Sweet Surrender Quilt

Okay, so it took me a little while to finish this quilt top.  It is amazing that I find I don't have as much time quilting as I would like, but I am making it work and the quilts I am privileged to work on are always so much fun.  This client quilt was no different. 
The quilt is Beth's, and she did an amazing job with the applique and piecing.  I always love working on her quilt tops.  The quilt design is called "Sweet Surrender" by Sue Cody of Dragonfly Studio.  I looked everywhere on the internet to find a link to her website, but couldn't find it.  However - I did find where you can purchase the pattern, you can do that here.

The center of the quilt is hand pieced with pressed open seams.  Those of you who quilt know what that means for you, as the quilter.  I wanted to be sure to not compromise the quilt top, so I was very careful with the seams.  I didn't stitch in the ditch, but stitched slightly to the side of each seam.  You will notice that in some of the close-up pictures.  I just have to say though - this quilt is amazing.  The hand work is incredible.  The hand applique is unreal - Beth should be very proud of her work.

The border design came fairly easy to me as I just emphasized the shapes that were there.  I love the triangles in the border and I absolutely love the quilting balance that takes place by simply changing the direction of straight lines.
Oh, and before I forget - I used Fil-Tec Glide thread for the top and Magna Glide bobbins for the bottom thread.  I used Hobbs 100% cotton with Hobbs 80/20 batting.  I love the loft of two batting layers used together.

Here is another shot of a different corner.  It really is hard to narrow down pictures for posts.  I love them all!
The background triangles for the applique blocks were so fun to play with.  The above picture shows the tiling affect I like to stitch out, but it was so much more fun in a diagonal pattern.  The secondary design is incredible. 

I had 4 different background designs for the triangle blocks and I just quilted them in a diagonal pattern.

You can see that in more detail in the picture above.

So gorgeous!

The background fills are always my favorite.  So fun and tedious to quilt around the applique, but oh, so worth it.

The straight line quilting in the diamond blocks worked out perfectly.  It really adds so much to the quilt top.  It is simple, but effective and gives the quilt top a perfect quilting balance.

Eek!  Isn't this so fun?

This picture shows how I stitch on applique, but not a lot.  The applique does not need to have a lot of detail inside because of the quilting in the background.

The half triangles were so fun to quilt up.  I loved that the design fit so nicely, like a block that was cut in half perfectly.

Ahh!  The back!  Isn't it amazing?  I just love the texture.

One more look! 

Oh, and I have a new favorite pair of scissors that I started to use with this quilt top.  They are so sharp, but cut the thread like butter.  There are curved, which is what I need and I can get really close to my thread stop point, so no hanging threads. We just recently added these Karen Kay Buckley scissors to our notion page on our website, www.greenfairyquilts.com.

Okay, I hope you liked the quilt!  It was so much fun to work on and I have another one that I will be able to start on in January.  Look for a Christmas piecing tutorial coming up.  Also, if you haven't had a chance to take my iquilt class, Quilting Makes a Difference - do, I think you will like it. One more thing, I have an event coming up in March, info here

Have a great week!
November 29, 2016 by Judi
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Dotty levine

Dotty levine said:

Love love this quilt. I am about to start this quilt. Would like to know from Beth how she put the triangles together and how she sewed the rows together. I am puzzled because I can’t figure out how to machine the hexies to the Applique. Thank you so much

Elizabeth Schnelle

Elizabeth Schnelle said:

I love everything you do—-and the thread you chose looks perfect.


Sandy said:

How can I purchase the pattern for the Sweet Surrender quilt?

Janette Lewis

Janette Lewis said:

Absolutely beautiful!! Do u sell the pattern??

Cheryl kadun

Cheryl kadun said:

This quilt is stunning. Your quilting is beyond beautiful. Oh how I wish I could quilt like this. I would love to have you quilt one of my quilts? Thank you for the great pictures.

Ann Clocksin

Ann Clocksin said:

This is the most beautiful quilt ever! I just bought a long arm and this is inspiration and a goal I may strive to achieve. Thank you for all the closeup photos. Will it be entered in a quilt show? Wow! I can’t wait to see more!

Mary Wellman

Mary Wellman said:

Not not is the appliqué and piecing beautiful, I am blown away by your quilting. Gorgeous!

Cathy Barnes

Cathy Barnes said:

How can I get the pattern for this beautiful sweet surrender quilt? Thanks

Betty Streich

Betty Streich said:

I am interested in getting this pattern.

Shirley Kristek

Shirley Kristek said:

Beautiful quilt top an extraordinary quilting. Something to really be proud of. Wish longarm quilter lived closer to me😊😊

Santie Mouton

Santie Mouton said:

Would like to buy pattern of “sweet surrender quilt”? How do I go about it?

Gorgeous quilt. Need to send this post to my quilting friends.

Gorgeous quilt. Need to send this post to my quilting friends. said:

Know you’ll want to do this one! Pat

Linda Lopedito

Linda Lopedito said:

Love love this quilt❤️
I’m not real good at needlepoint
But would love to give it a try.
How do I get the pattern?
Thanks you
Linda Lopedito

Patt gilbreth

Patt gilbreth said:

So awesome. Would like to buy pattern

Susan Van De Velde

Susan Van De Velde said:

Where can I buy the Sweet surrender quilt pattern?

Patty Slaughter

Patty Slaughter said:

Judy, please help if you can. I am trying to make Sweet Surrender and I cannot get the pieced diamond to come out to 12 3/4 inches. I am 3/4 inch short. Have checked everything I know of to no avail. Please if you have any suggestions let me know.
Added 1/4 inch on pieces, checked seams, checked sizing of templates going crazy! Thanks

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