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What a crazy last three weeks I have had, but I think I am finally settled in. I skipped out on the family vacation (boo-hoo) but I have been able to get two quilts bound and one quilt quilted with another one on the racks. I need to catch up before the baby comes (like 7 weeks - aggh) and it has helped a little having the husband and my two older kids gone so that I could get organized and caught up. My mom came down again to help and I am so grateful to her putting up with me for the past few weeks and helping me get things done. I couldn't have done it without her. I love you Mom!

So here's my studio! Can you believe it? I am still pinching myself. I have space to create, design, and quilt! Yahoo! - and it's not in my bedroom - I have one of those two! Clint's work space is just opposite of me, so we are still working together, but we each have one side of this large room and it is going to work great. I am all Smiles right now!

My favorite part of my studio is having my quilt on the wall. I have commissioned my dad to make me a quilt holder, but my mom and I managed to get the quilt hung until I can get a proper rack. That way when I send it off to shows, I can just slip it off the rack.

My desk - I can't wait to design. I have been itching to design for so long, but I have to get some quilting done first. This work space is perfect. I complained about the filing cabinet on my side of the room, but my quilt looks perfect on top of it.

My quilt pictures look awesome all framed and on the wall. I really love how they turned out. So, now to go and create! Every designer needs a proper space to create! I can appreciate that now since I lived in a house two years with my quilting machine, desk, Clint's desk and our bed in our bedroom. It's so nice to just breathe now, and the best thing about it is that I can walk away from it when I get a little stressed. At our last house I could never escape "the business" because it was always staring at me because it was in every room - especially my bedroom and now - there is a space for everything. It feels good!
October 01, 2010 by Judi
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