Spring Wheels pieced by Lindsay revealed!!!

Spring Wheels full
Okay, this is my second project that I have quilted for Lindsay.  She is such a fun client to work with and her work is incredible.  Her piecing was so precise on this quilt.  
I used Glide for the top thread and So Fine thread for the bobbin.  It was a great combo - I have used it before, and I did not have any trouble with it.  I used a combo of 100% cotton and 80/20 blend batting.  I think it worked out beautifully.  Isn't the quilt top just gorgeous!?!  The best part of quilting for others is getting to work on amazing quilts like this one. Lindsay used Kaffe Fassett fabrics for the quilt top - just gorgeous!

The quilt info in Lindsay's own words ---

"The name of the pattern is Spring Wheels by Becky Goldsmith of Piece O' Cake Designs. Ever since I saw this pattern in their Once upon a season book I've been in love. At the time I purchased the book it was a much more advanced pattern than I was able to make. I decided a couple years ago to just jump in and figure it out. I had fallen in love with your Kaffe Dear Jane and knew exactly who and how I wanted it quilted...and it looks like my plan has come to fruition."

Thanks Lindsay!  Once Upon A Seasonis the name of the book where this pattern can be found.

Spring Wheels 1
Okay, so the quilting!  I was given the go ahead to do what I want. It did not take me too long to figure out how I was going to quilt this quilt.  The triangle secondary design was going to go throughout the whole quilt.

Spring Wheels 2
That was until I decided I need to add in more dimensions to the quilt.  The hexagon shape came next, the star was an after thought.  I never stop designing once I start quilting, my mind is constantly thinking of what I can add to the quilt I am working on. 

Spring Wheels 3
The starts and stops where crazy, but worth it!

Spring Wheels 4
The pebbling was back breaking, but again - so worth it! 

Spring Wheels 5
My favorite part of the quilting was the star shape within the hexagon - it really was so fun to quilt.

Spring Wheels 6

 Spring Wheels 7
I added little triangle shapes within the pebbling section fillers for a fun look.  This filler took a lot longer than just the pebbling.

Spring Wheels 8
Odd man out, you might say.  I had to add this star - instead of the hexagon which was planned during the row before this. I like to be consistent with my quilting, but it feels more modern if I do not have it exactly symmetrical.

Spring Wheels 9
I used my purple marker to mark my lines.  The rest is free motion quilting.

Spring Wheels 10
Pretty sure this is my favorite picture I took of this quilt.  I love it so much!

Spring Wheels 11
Another shot of the triangles.  The texture is just so amazing. 

Spring Wheels 12
Love this.

Spring Wheels 13
Hexie shape!

Spring Wheels 14
The back!  I love this so much! 

Spring Wheels 15
Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share my work!  I hope you like it!

July 15, 2013 by Judi
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Liz Joe

Liz Joe said:

I love your quilting. I’ve decided to attempt quilting it myself on my longarm. I’m so excited to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration. I will simplify it, I’m sure.

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