Small improvements - big difference!!

Here's my studio before - I have loved it, but a light bulb moment hit me and Clint last week - that meant using my space better which will make my life easier here in my office/studio. As you can see, my computer desk is by the wall on the left and the very end of the opening in my office, the sewing table and ironing table are on an angle - trying to fit nicely and then I have the quilting machine to the right. My ironing board has been turned the opposite way then I would normally use it because of the space issue.
I have been wanting to fit a cutting table in here, but I haven't really thought about how to make it fit. As Clint and I were talking the other night about ways to make this work better we came up with an ingenious plan - I so wish we would have done this months ago. It's much more organized and it utilizes the space much better.

We moved my desk to the first bay window - the ironing board is in the middle and turned the right way, my sewing table is against the wall to the right and we moved the quilting machine into Clint's part of the office about 2 feet. That gives me room to sit at my sewing machine and to the side of the table.

I can sit at my desk and roll on over on my new mat to my sewing table. So convenient!

Here's my new cutting table - isn't she a beauty? She is 36 inches tall and it doesn't kill my back to bend over cutting out projects anymore.

This table is also good for pinning my quilts together. Forever I have been laying my quilt tops on the floor as I put them together and I have to bend over and pin the seams together. Now I can stand at my table and do the same thing without bending over. Wow - I can't believe I haven't done that until now. I pinned my black white and red quilt together and I couldn't believe the difference. Seriously - awesome.

Here's my sewing table, also new - with "Dahlia" staring down at me! Clint went and bought my 36" table and brought it home, put it together and realized they gave us the dining table instead of the counter height table. I was so bummed! But, as I was thinking about it I realized that it would be much more fun to have matching tables. Now - I just had to convince Clint of the same thing. I rolled it over and over in my head how I would ask and made sure not to ruin it by being demanding at all and found out that a sugar coated "Hey Honey - don't you think it would be great to have matching tables in here?" worked perfectly. I am so spoiled. Clint called the company and bought the other table - but because of their first mix up, they delivered and set it up for free. Yay!

That was a long story! Well - if you got through it - head on over to Rachel's for a giveaway. I am giving away a Modern Workshop FQB over on her blog.
April 12, 2011 by Judi
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