Sittin' on my soap box....

Okay - I am not big into making a big deal about what people say. I really try to just let it go because some people just say things without thinking and I don't think they are trying to offend and for the most part I am not offended. But, I am still human and some things just bother me. I was reading a facebook thread asking quilters if they want their quilts custom quilted or if they prefer a simple all-over by their Long Arm quilter. It was fun reading what people were saying until one lady said "I don't cheat, I hand quilt all my quilts." (While this comment was not directed to me I took it personally as a long arm quilter).

HUH?!!? Cheat? Really - so I guess I have been cheating all this time.

So, here is my response to that comment. Is it cheating to use your sewing machine to piece a quilt? I am sure our ancestors would have LOVED a sewing machine. Just because you prefer to hand quilt doesn't mean it is cheating.

I absolutely love every aspect of the quilting process. Everyone has their style and preference and that is absolutely great. I think hand quilting is a beautiful art and if you love it - DO IT! I just don't want to. I prefer to free motion quilt on my long arm , while others use their computer guided long arms - that is just fine too because it is art no matter how you look at it.

Isn't the end result of seeing a finished project the best feeling to every type of quilter out there?

Just sayin'!!
January 23, 2012 by Judi
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