Sewing day with Lili


My daughter has been begging me to sew with her for a while now.  We got her a machine last summer and she sewed a few practice lines on fabric, but since school has been in we haven't done anything else with her machine. Although, for today's project I let her use my machine.  I kept thinking of fun things we could make that were somewhat fast, knowing me I kept adding more detail in my head - but to make it easy I had her pick out 4 layer cake squares.  Here she is on her first two squares.  


Since she has a perfectionist mother (poor thing) - I made her resew two of the squares because the lines weren't straight enough.  I showed her how to pin and she controlled the foot pedal to make sure she stopped right before the pins and then took them out. 


Here's the top - simple enough, but we aren't done!  We cut out batting and a backing - she did that too. It was so darling how she kept saying "I can do it myself Mom." Then we drew one inch lines using a blue water marker.  I held the ruler, she drew the lines.  


Now, to the quilting.  I told her to just sew along the blue lines.  She's really concentrating here - see her tongue sticking out?  She may or may not have gotten that from me :) 


She quilted this whole thing!  I am so proud of her! 


I confess, I did the binding - she wanted to do it.  But, the perfectionist, almost impatient mother in me had to take over.  I promised to teach her that some day. I am proud of the fact that she had fun, and that I didn't get too crazy not being able to take over and quilt it quicker!


We took it outside to get some pictures - I let Lili do that too.  I told her to get a close up of the quilting.  She did awesome for her first quilting project!  When she was showing Clint the finished quilting, she kept point out her mistakes - funny, I think we have another perfectionist on our hands.  


Another picture by her - I just couldn't resist posting this with her foot in the picture.  I want to remember this little project and the fun we had.  I am so happy she is showing an interest in my interests.  It's going to be so fun to teach her everything I know. 


She did awesome! 


Now she has a cute little night stand topper that will go great with the quilt and pillows that I am making for her.  What a day!  
March 03, 2012 by Judi
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