- a disposition free from stress or emotion
- the absence of mental stress or anxiety

That's the definition of serenity! I can hear George's father saying "Serenity Now" in my mind (if you didn't catch that, it's from Seinfeld).
What's so funny about the definition of Serenity is that I am the complete opposite of it - disposition free from stress or emotion - Who is free from that, please tell me your secret?
-the absence of mental stress or anxiety - that's laughable, if you know me. My father has been telling me to "Breathe Judi, just breathe" for years! Crazy I know, you wouldn't think it if you met me, but I am a little anxious and stressed out, not because my life is stressful or anything, but I worry about everything! And like my mom always says "you will find something to worry about if you don't have anything right now" so true!

So, in hopes that I will one day achieve "serenity" I have decided to name my quilt Serenity! It's a goal to be there someday!

I got the binding done, wish I would have hired out, but glad that I can say I made the whole quilt (thanks mom and clint) so it's done, I have entered it into the HMQS show - wish me luck.

Oh, and come to the HMQS show because it would be fun, I am going to have a booth there, so come and say hi! Would love to meet you all!

Thanks to everyone who left all your wonderful comments, thanks so much for the positive feedback! I live for it! I wish I could have gotten back to everyone. To answer some questions - I used Highlights from Superior Threads for the thread, and about 7,000 yards of it.

April 08, 2010 by Judi
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