Remember this quilt?

 So, do you remember this quilt?  I quilted this for Kimberly Einmo, the first of the year.  It was such a fun quilt to quilt.  I literally never got tired of the design, because every section of the quilt was different. Anyway, I took the time while I was quilting it to take a few pictures of my process.  Then, I submitted my idea for a magazine article.  Thankfully Kit liked my idea and my article was published in the Machine Quilting Unlimited July issue.

 This magazine if full of great ideas and beautiful quilts.

 It still is surreal seeing my name and face in print.  It is fun.  I have to tell you something funny though. My daughter Lili was reading the page about me and she got all upset because it says that I have four small children.  She's 8 and according to her, she isn't small.  She accused the magazine of lying.  So, I will be sure to update that next time, or just tell my daughter to chill out.  Anyway, it was cute that she cared enough to read it.  

 You can find my article on page 59. 

I hope you enjoy the article!
July 02, 2013 by Judi
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