Quilt Market recap.

First things first, the winner of Kimberly's new book - Modern Quilts & More is Miss Lori.  Congratulations!  Please email me your address at judi (at) greenfairyquilts (dot) com and we will get that book sent out to you as soon as possible.
I love living in the desert.
Okay, so the last few months have been full of deadlines and traveling.  I never imagined that I would be traveling as much as I have been this last spring.  It has been exhausting, but well worth it.  Clint and I have worked together to make this traveling thing work for our family. But, I am so excited that this drive to the airport was my last time for the next three months.
Clint plans all my trips and makes sure I am comfortable.  I really like my new red Tom's too. 

 I had a bit of a layover in Denver on my way to Pittsburgh, so I had time to enjoy the beautiful skies.  I also started reading The Book Thief - love it so far. 

It was fun to watch my luggage get on the plane.  Bringing 7 quilts for Schoolhouse was a little nerve wracking because I didn't want anything to happen to my quilts. 

I was first to go on Thursday's Schoolhouse event and that was fun.  

I was a little nervous, but then when my quilts are pulled out - it becomes easy to talk about them. 

Best part of Market is meeting up with friends.  Linda Poole is a wonderful lady and I am happy to have been able to spend some time with her. We are just a little crazy together. ;-) 

I ran into Sherri a couple of times and she is always so sweet.  Love her.  So nice to meet her husband too!  He was good enough to take our picture. 

Dinner with Elaine from AQS is always fun.  We always have a funny story to tell after dinner together, ask me about it sometime.  ;-)

So, on Friday I was able to spend time with my sis-in-law and kids. It was so great.  I haven't seen them in almost a year and it was the perfect way to spend my time in Pittsburgh. 

The city is really beautiful, I was only able to get a couple of pictures from the car, but it really is beautiful.  Not what I'm used to living in the desert!

Jenny is a wonderful friend and I was lucky enough to get to know her this trip.  We have been friends over phone and email, but to actually spend time with her was so great. 

So the above photo was supposed to be my last, but on Saturday morning when I was at the airport I found out that my flight to Denver was delayed and since there is only one flight from Denver to St. George a day - I would have been stranded at the airport in Denver for 22 hours.  So, I opted to stay one more day and it turned out to be a wonderful day.  

I had a wonderful time talking with Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish.  She is super talented (she designs fabric for Riley Blake Designs) and really nice.  We met way back when, so it was great catching up with her. 

Amy Ellis and April Rosenthal are so fun.  It was so fun to see their brand new fabric collections as new designers for Moda.  We will be carrying their fabrics, Modern Neutrals and Best. Day. Ever. 

Another fun part of being at Market an extra day was that I found one of the quilts I quilted almost five years ago.  It was hanging out in the Superior Threads booth and I still think it looks fabulous.
Another shot of Jenny and her sister Sharilyn, I wish I would have gotten Helen in this picture as well.  I love these ladies and it was so fun to see them work together and see what a great thing they have going with their QCRuler and patterns which we now have on our site. I would make all of their designs if I could create more time for myself.

Me, Helen, Eleanor Burns - woohoo! Jenny, and Sharilyn. 
So ya, I told Eleanor Burns that one of my first quilts was her strip pieced Irish Chain - wow, she is a wonderful woman.  She was so sweet, seriously.  

It was so fun talking with Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies. She is so talented and so nice. 

Me hanging out with Richard in the AQS publishing booth. I totally made him sit there with me until my book came up on the TV behind me - I am such a nerd.

 I had a wonderful time at Quilt Market, but I was so excited to get home.  The beautiful morning sun was a welcome site as I traveled to the airport. 

And nothing brings me more happiness than these little people greeting me at the airport.  I can't wait to spend the whole summer with them. Yay! School is out this week for the summer! 

May 20, 2014 by Judi
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