Patchwork Professional and another finish.

Okay, first things first.  I had a happy mail day this week when I received my copy of Patchwork Professional. I was asked a few months ago if I would like to be featured in their magazine. Of course I would!  It's a beautiful magazine and they did a fabulous job with the article.  Now, I just need to brush up on my German to read it. ;-)  The title of the article is Judi Madsen - The Queen of Quilting.  Wow, that's quite the title and honor. I certainly wouldn't call myself that, but I thank them just the same.  I still have to pinch myself every time I think about where quilting has taken me.  An article in a German quilting magazine?  That is totally cool and it makes the quilting world that much smaller.  I love that quilting brings a common interest to so many of us throughout the world.
Okay, so I have finished this fun quilt.  Jan asked me to quilt this before Christmas so that she could give this Simpson's themed quilt to her son as a gift. What a labor of love.  I know he will treasure it forever.  He better!  Jan - I have a sister who would love it if he doesn't. ;-)

I have to apologize that I didn't get better pictures of this quilt.  It was raining and foggy when I finished this quilt and it's the same today.  I grabbed a couple quick shots with my phone and then headed off to the post office to ship it off.  

Anyway, the thread was Glide - love that stuff.  I used Magna-glide for the bobbin and I love the combination.  The tension was perfect throughout the quilt.  I used two layers of batting - 100% cotton and Hobbs 80/20 blend.  This gives the quilt a wonderful texture.  

The quilting was a lot of straight lines and I did what I could to keep it simple.  I had to refrain from quilting too much so that this quilt would be able to be cuddled with. 

Pretty sure this is my favorite border design that I have come up with.  I really love how it frames out the quilt and compliments the flying geese throughout the quilt design.  

I love it and I hope you do too!  
December 04, 2014 by Judi
Tags: Quilting
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