Panguitch Quilt Walk

Here's the auditorium before there were people inside - it didn't look too frightening at first, but I was still as nervous as ever. My mom and her friend Rinda were so great to take pictures for me. By the time this was all filled up, with chairs being brought in for the back section, Clint figured there were over 300 people. Pretty good turn out for my first trunk show.

There I am in the doorway - just waiting to do my thing. I kept thinking " I should probably go to the bathroom," but then I kept talking myself out of it. So, when my name came up - I really had to go, but had to put that feeling on the back burner and get through the trunk show.

Hideous picture of me - the only reason I am showing it is because I had a cordless microphone, but I kept turning it off accidentally. So embarrassing! They had to drag in a microphone with a cord so I would stop doing that. It made for some good lame jokes and lightened the mood a little bit. My mom started crying right at first - then I did - what am I going to do with her?

Here's me talking about my "Flower Patch" quilt - easily a favorite quilt of mine, it's just beautiful and I never get sick of looking at it.

I totally talk with my hands - always have and always will. Here, I am showing off "Dahlia." It's funny how many people think that this quilt has applique in it, but it's all piecing and I absolutely love it!

Joe and Nan brought their "Blue and White" quilt - I don't have the name for it, but Nan says she will let me know what the pattern is when she finds it. It was probably hard for everyone to see the detail quilting of this quilt, but you can check it out for yourself here.

There's Joe and Nan - easily the nicest people in the world! I just love them!

Here I am talking about "Serenity," the gasp in the audience is always a good sign that they loved the quilt.

Afterward I sold some of my patterns and I was able to meet a lot of the people there. It was so fun being able to meet so many sweet and wonderful people! I think Panquitch is a wonderful little town and I had such a good time.

Claudia is the best! She is in charge of the Quilt Walk and she did a beautiful job. I am so lucky that I know her, she is so amazing!

After the Trunk Show I walked around with my mom, daughter and my mom's friend. We were able to see houses that had wonderful quilts in each room. I did have to take a picture of this saying - now I just have to convince Clint that this saying should be my Motto!

This was at Claudia's house. She has a ton of antiques and it was so fun just walking around her place. I took this picture, just imagining how perfect it would be for a backdrop for one of my quilts.

I loved this quilt, it looks totally modern to me. It was just beautiful and all done by hand.

Another beauty - I am assuming that Claudia made this quilt, but she can let me know different if that is the case. Lili had a lot of fun walking around with us.

We had a wonderful time in Panguitch! I love the feel of a small town, where everyone knows everyone else and life just seems so much more simple. Clint and I were ready to pack up and move there, then we remembered that our life won't get any simpler just yet. We still have all our responsibilities of the business, and it keeps us super busy. It was fun to take a time out and really let the kids just play. Lucky for us, there was a park right behind our Motel. The kids thought that was the best - what I loved about the park was that there weren't any other people there - we had it all to ourselves. So the kids could just be free and have a wonderful time.

I can't ever get a serious picture of this kid - he makes me laugh though. He had so much fun.

The drinking fountain proved to be a favorite. It shot up about 10 feet and the kids thought that was the best.

Thanks Panguitch for a wonderful time! We will be back for sure!
June 13, 2011 by Judi
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