Okay - I just can't wait.................

to show you my new pattern!

I absolutely love everything about this new pattern. It is by far my favorite pattern right now - I love all my patterns, but I just absolutely love this one. A lot of it has to do with the design - it is so my style - and the fact that I quilted it the way I wanted to. I took some great advice from a lot of you and realized that I am much happier when I allow myself time to work on my designs. I also took some help - thank you Sherri - she is a master piecer and did an excellent job piecing my quilt together.

I debated on what to call this quilt - but since it's a flower quilt I wanted to name it after a flower (I didn't care if it looked like the flower). So - I looked up names and went for "Dahlia" - it just sounds so beautiful (I hope I am pronouncing it right in my head). There you go - Dahlia - my newest pattern!

I have it available for pre-order now and it will be shipping out April 18th.

Silly me - you haven't even seen it yet and already I am offering the pattern for purchase.

So, do you want to see it?

Oh, I can't stand it - can you tell I am excited?

Introducing ------ Dahlia!!!!

Isn't she beautiful? Yesterday was a perfect day here in Saint George and I took some time to get a few pictures. Here is Dahlia on a chair hanging out in the yard.

Having a quiet picnic on the grass. Wish I could sit on the grass - allergies are crazy right now!

I like this picture because you can see the quilt and with the sunlight it shows the piecing. So cool!

Now - to the quilting. I think it turned out perfectly!

I have found that taking pictures outside works very well - since I don't have a cool camera yet -hint, hint Clint! The natural lighting takes on the colors and the quilting and shows it off so well.

Love, Love, Love the flower blocks!

This block was quilted differently from the other flower blocks - it started out as an accident - but I just may make that my signature. Ha ha!

I had some great help - more or less - mostly me telling the 2 year old to not step on the quilt.

I played with some colors in Photoshop to show off the quilting on the back of the quilt.

Well - there you go, my new pattern Dahlia and all her loveliness. I have more patterns in the works and will show them off when they are available!

Have a great day!
April 05, 2011 by Judi
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