My first time to Nashville.

A few weeks ago I was preparing for a trip to Nashville.  I was playing with silk too!  The project above was made from left over blocks from the "secret project" that will be shared sometime in February.  I gave this little beauty away on Instagram (@judiakagreenfairy) and hopefully the new owner will love it as much as I do. 

The back of this little beauty is fantastic.  I never tire of the beautiful texture that quilting makes. 

So, Nashville.  Yep - I am not a country music fun, except for George Straight - Pure Country and all.  I flew through Denver and saw the most amazing clouds.  It is always a treat to be in the clouds and enjoy the beauty of this earth.  
Why Nashville?  I went to film an online class that should be available sometime in February. 

It was beautiful there.  I was able to catch the last part of Fall there.  We have some yellow trees around us in St. George, but I haven't seen any beautiful red trees like this one. 

This was my view for two days. In a studio filled with cameras and the all watching eyes from those ladies in the back.  See the guy on the right?  His name is James and he thought that quilting was pretty cool.  He asked for my sample when I was finished filming.  How could I say no?  He told me that he is going to frame it.  So sweet of him. 

Meredith Schroeder, me, Elaine and Lynn from AQS Publishing.  These ladies are incredible and it was so fun getting to know them better in the two days I was there. 
I am really excited for the class to come out and I will be sure to tell you when it is available. It was a great learning experience for me and I still have to pinch myself when I think of all the amazing opportunities I have had because of my quilting.

I didn't have time to really see everything around Nashville, but I did happen to check out the Grand Ole Opry.  It was pretty amazing.

November 24, 2014 by Judi
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