Machine Binding! My version.

Okay, this is the way I sew my binding, keep in mind it may be different from how you do your binding, but it works for me and it's fast. You are always welcome to do your own version of binding, I am just trying to share what I know!

Cut out four 2 1/2 x 44 inch strips and sew the strips end to end.

Fold down 1/4 inch on one end of the strip and press down.

Press the strip in half.

Sew the strip to the back of the table runner, use the edge of the quilt as a guide to follow along the presser foot.

When you get to the corners, fold up the strip.

Then fold it down and start stitching again. Make sure to reinforce your stitches.

When you get to the end, cut the strip to fit inside the first of the strip.

Pin it in place and stitch down.

Fold the binding to the top of the quilt. Have the edge of the binding run just barely beyond the stitch from the binding. I move my needle to the right of the center line twice so that the seam catches the back of the binding. Match the center line of the presser foot to the edge of the binding.
October 13, 2009 by Judi
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