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I have to say that I have felt bad that I have been absent in the blog world.  I had important family events to be to and I didn't bring my computer at all!  It was a nice break from regular working.  So, me and Jess and my little guy Jonah hit the road last week.  Clint and I only have one car because we don't need two since we both work at home, but on the rare occasion that I need to be somewhere and he needs the car we rent a car for me.  This was my view driving up to Salt Lake in a beautiful lipstick red Mustang.  Clint told me to promise to not fall in love with the car...why wouldn't I?

Isn't it gorgeous?  6 speed manual transmission and super fast, I had so much fun driving this baby.  I had to give it up this morning, so sad....

While I was at my parents I got to eat blackberries the size of plums.  They were amazing!!

My sister Jen, my mom and I went to Riley Blake Designs and had fun sifting through the flat fold tables.  I found some cute fabric to bundle up and put on our site.  I will let you know when I get those cute bundles put together.   

A trip to my parents isn't complete without a trip to the berry patch with Grandpa.  I am so happy that my kids get the chance to spend time with my parents.  

This little guy turned 4 while we were gone.  It took him about 10 blows to get the 24 candles out.  Why 24? It's more fun that way of course!  It's always fun to think of Jonah and his connection to our life now.  We moved to Saint George and started our business 4 days after he was born.  It was a crazy time for us, but looking back it was the best decision Clint and I have made.  So, we have our 30% off store wide sale going on in celebration of our business's 4th anniversary.  

This is the result of 10 minutes picking from my dad's garden.  He is amazing and his garden is gorgeous and very productive.  I can't tell you how yummy the tomatoes and peaches are.  So yummy! 

Grandma made a special bear for Jonah - he hasn't let it leave his sight since she gave it to him. 

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping boy.  I love those peaceful moments in my life where I can just think about how much my kids mean to me.  

Clint sent me this picture while I was gone, I missed Micah's first day of kindergarten.  Sad I missed it, but grateful for modern technology so I could see him! He got to ride the bus for the first time with his older sister. 

Me and my brother at his wedding reception.  It was a great celebration and I was so glad I was there with him and his new bride.  

I had to share this picture of my parents!  They have taught me everything I know and I will forever be grateful to them and their loving example of hard work and determination for everything in life.  

My mom made this gorgeous quilt for my brother and his wife.  The colors in the fabric are the same as the colors of their wedding.  

Me and my little man, I was so glad to have this week to spend just with him.  

He steals my heart!  

When I got home Clint surprised me with a painted wall and a new piano.  It's going to be great to start playing the piano again - might just be another noise maker when it comes to the kiddos though :) 

I got home to some great magazines sitting in my mail!  I am excited to share what I have been up to!  I will do that soon!  So, my Instagram name is judiakagreenfairy - follow me if you want.  It's more like a journal for me, quick and fast info to help me keep track of what goes on in my life. 

August 23, 2012 by Judi
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